Gruca White Ensemble


Robert Gruca classical guitar

Linda White concert, alto, bass flutes


If variety is the spice of life, A DIFFERENT TAKE adds a bowlful of zest to the idea of standard repertoire. On their debut album, the Gruca White Ensemble’s creative programming and energetic performance lead listeners on a journey through intermingled genres and out-of-the-box renditions of well-known tunes.


Comprised of classical guitarist Robert Gruca and flutist Linda White, the Gruca White Ensemble draws from countless musical cultures, local composers, their own multifaceted experience as performers, and their unbridled creativity to create a unique blend of classical, world and rock music. A truly dynamic duo, Gruca’s colorful guitar tone and White’s command of a variety of flutes perfectly complement each other throughout every track.


Keeping well in step with the vision of Big Round Records, A DIFFERENT TAKE leaves virtually no stone of genre unturned. The Gruca White Ensemble deftly tackles miniatures inflected with David Byrne grooves and traditional Japanese, African and  Balkan music, with their interpretations of hits by such pop luminaries as Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder peppered in for good measure. Whether listeners are fans of funk, jazz, classical, or good-old rock and roll, this album is sure to satisfy.



Release Date: November 13, 2020

Catalog #: BR8964

Format: Physical & Digital



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