Track listing




1 Sen Sei  5:25

Marek Kotača alto sax


2  Billy’s pilgrimage 7:37

feat. Lenka Dusilová vocals

Martin Konvička piano

Jiří Kotača trumpet


3 Sarda[napalm]  3:21

Jiří Kotača trumpet


4 [Sarda]napalm 2:59

Jiří Kotača trumpet


5 Modal song  8:06

Jiří Kotača flugelhorn

Radek Zapadlo alto saxophone


Gloryhole waltz  5:51

Peter Korman double bass

Martin Konvička piano


7 Nerf Nitro Throttle Shot Blitz 8:00

Kamil Slezák drums

\Radim Hanousek bass clarinet

Jiří Kotača trumpet


8  For Ben 4:14

Martin Konvička piano

Jiří Kotača flugelhorn


A Very Old Lady Driving A Ferrari 5:18

feat. Ilja Reijngoud trombone


Jiří Kotača bandleader

All compositions by Martin Konvička, except Modal Song (Jiří Kotača) and For Ben (Jiří Levíček)



Cotatcha Orchestra

(Czech Republic / Slovakia / Austria / Hungary)


Recorded June 30 - July 1, 2020 at Orlí Street Theater Recording Studio Brno in Brno, Czech Republic.

Ilja Reijngoud’s solo on track 9 recorded

in Culemborg, Netherlands.


Jiří Kotača solo trumpet, bandleader


Guests: Lenka Dusilová (CZ) vocals

Ilja Reijngoud (NL) trombone


Marek Kotača alto sax, clarinet, soprano sax

Radek Zapadlo alto sax, clarinet

Petr Smékal tenor sax, clarinet

Ivan Podhola tenor sax, flute, clarinet

Radim Hanousek baritone sax, bass clarinet


Matthias Zeindlhofer trombone

Jan Galia trombone

Ivan Melin trombone

Michal Motýl bass trombone


Ádám Gráf lead trumpet

Jan Kozelek trumpet

Jan Přibil trumpet


Martin Konvička piano

Peter Korman double bass

Kamil Slezák drums


Orchestra conducted by Juraj Valenčík


Photography Jonatan Jan, David Poul



partners / donors

A special thanks to all our partners for their financial support - Želex, Brno City Municipality, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, OSA, Rena Nova, Jadran Reality - because without their help this album wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks to all supporters that helped us with our crowdfunding campaign and special thanks to our little donors:


Martin Baránek, Milan Bukovský, Aleš Galuška, Kryštof Hasa, Jiří Horák, Peter Chmela, Jan Chudomel, Filip Korsa, Leona a Tom, Dušan Sedláček, Michal Sýkora, Jan Školník, Lukáš Tomšej, Miloš Vážan, and Tomáš Vrtek.







Executive Producer Bob Lord


Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil

A&R Morgan K. Santos


VP, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Audio Director Lucas Paquette

Recording Session Producer, Engineer, Editing, Mixing & Mastering Jan Košulič

Recording Sessions Director Levi Brown


VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell

Art Director Ryan Harrison

Design Edward A. Fleming

Publicity Patrick Niland, Sara Warner








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