Gay Pearson

Release Date: July 10, 2015

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Gay Pearson, piano; Lea Pearson, flute & vocals; Shannon Allen, cello; Jim Lyden, bass;
Phil McGowan, drums; Ray Wilson, narrator

On her debut Big Round Records release, A SINISTER ENDEAVOR, composer and pianist Gay Pearson presents a collection of works that highlight her eclectic quintet - consisting of piano, bass, drums, flute, and cello - and their colorful, introspective, and energetic performances. Recorded live in Newburyport MA, this album presents original works by Pearson, including Zonal and Meridional Flow, with its classical counterpoint and 4-part polyphony; the energetic solo piano piece Cirrus High; and An Ionian Emitter, which uses complex rhythms and syncopation.

Pearson and her quintet display their melancholy and poignant side with ballads such as Joseph's Kosma's Autumn Leaves, Blue Moment, and Barry Manilow's When October Goes. Sally Lutyens' Evening Song is a mysterious and romantic promenade-like piece that is given an emotive and yearning interpretation by Pearson, flutist Lea Pearson, and cellist Shannon Allen. These live performances capture the technical and passionate presence of Pearson and her quintet, showing their abilities in settings of improvisation, classical structures, and jazz gestures.

Visit the A SINISTER ENDEAVOR web application to access liner notes, biographies, videos, photos, and more.

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