Anne Vanschothorst
Classical | Jazz

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Anne Vanschothorst, harp; Saskia Laroo, trumpet
Ernst Stolz, viola da gamba; Arthur Bont, percussion
Thijs de Melker, bass; Bob van Luijt, bass, samples, effects digi-orchestration

EK IS EIK, the debut Big Round Records release for critically acclaimed Dutch composer and harpist Anne Vanschothorst, features works for contemporary classical harp with a distinctly jazz twist. By way of solo harp pairing with instruments such as the trumpet, viola da gamba, percussion, and bass, Vanschothorst's music mirrors her passion for experimentation and eclecticism. EK IS EIK takes listeners on a journey of thoughts and memories, and appeals to the profound within the listeners: imagination, emotion, truth, and beauty.

The album features trumpeter Saskia Laroo, gambist Ernst Stolz, bassist Bob van Luijt, and percussionist Arthur Bont alongside the composer herself. Vanschothorst says regarding her collaborators, "These musicians have great amounts of musical whimsy; I can give a certain idea or guideline, but they are still going their own way in the composition or improvisation." Recorded in her home studio, the harp was recorded separately with the rest of the instruments being overdubbed, giving each artist the opportunity to create their own musical narrative while reacting to Vanschothorst's harp.

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