Improvised Pieces For Trio

Improvised Pieces for Trio

Sebastiano Meloni composer, piano
Adriano Orru composer, double bass
Tony Oxley composer, drums

Release Date: January 1, 2010
Catalog #: BR8904
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century


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Artist Information

Sebastiano Meloni

Sebastiano Meloni


Sebastiano Meloni lives in Cagliari, Italy, where he teaches literature and history. He graduated from the Conservatory in Cagliari with a degree in jazz music. While at the Conservatory, he also studied classical music, contemporary music, composition, and music theory. In 2002, he recorded Libere Forme, a CD of free jazz-contemporary music, with drummer Alessandro Garau and double bassist Nicola Cossu. He continues to play free and mainstream jazz throughout Italy.

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Adriano Orru

Adriano Orrù


Composer and double bass player Adriano Orrù was born in Nuoro, Italy in 1958 and currently lives in Cagliari, Italy. He devotes his time to jazz, radical improvisation, chamber music. He also works as a music teacher.

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Tony Oxley

Tony Oxley


Tony Oxley was born in Sheffield, England. Oxley, a self-taught pianist by the age of eight, first began playing the drums at age seventeen. While in the Black Watch military band from 1957 to 1960 he studied music theory and improved upon his drumming technique.

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