• Haney David Birth Of A City

    Birth of a City

    Catalog #: BR8956

    Release Date: July 26, 2019

    21st Century
    String Quartet

    Even though the tracks on BIRTH OF A CITY are loosely grouped by their titles, the recording is very much a concept album. Haney, himself an accomplished pianist who also studied composition, scored the pieces for a kind of string quartet (violin – viola – cello – double bass), interspersed by varying quantities of brass instruments and percussion. Naturally, as one would expect from this kind of music, all works are scored with exactitude – for the most part, that is. Remarkably, Haney grants the performers a great amount of improvisatory freedom – indubitably owing to his own background in jazz, the genre which definitely and definitively shines through in all his compositions.

  • The City Of My Soul

    The City of My Soul

    Catalog #: BR8926

    Release Date: March 26, 2013

    21st Century
    Vocal Music
    String Quartet

    THE CITY OF MY SOUL is a collaboration between jazz singer Sophie Dunér, classical ensemble The Callino Quartet, and Grammy- and Juno-winning producer Michael Haas, resulting in an explosion of stylistic fusion and musical ingenuity. Dunér talents as a composer, lyricist, and vocalist hailed as a genuine triple threat (Cadence) and prolific, fearless and quirky (Jazz.com) mesh seamlessly with the classically trained ensemble, allowing the colors and personality of her songs to shine through with musical and personal significance.