photo: Dubravka Milicevic

Nina Feric, born in Zagreb, Croatia, began her musical studies at the age of six. She obtained her Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy from the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb (Croatia) in the class of Prof. Veljko Glodic, and continued her studies at Postgraduate Course in Music Disciplines at DAMS Bologna (Italy). 

She also studied under the masterly guidance of famous pianist Prof. Nina Kazimirova (Ukraine), and in masterclasses of distinguished pianists, such as Marina Horak (Slovenia), Sebastian Benda (Switzerland), Walter Groppenberger (Austria), Valerij Voskobojnikov (Ukraine), Anatolij Katz (Russia), Michalis Christodoulides (Greece), David Dubal (United States), Joseph Banowetz (United States) and Nancy Lee Harper (United States / Portugal).

Over the years, she won numerous prizes, awards, and scholarships, and performed in a large number of concerts, recitals and festivals. Among these, the most noteworthy are the Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Croatia) and the first Grand Piano Festival in honor of Vladimir Horowitz in Aveiro, Portugal. As the only representative of Croatia at the renowned Festival of Nations in Rome 2010, Feric held a solo concert at the historic Teatro di Marcello, sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the City of Rome. In 2011, Feric was invited by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Province of Frosinone to hold a solo recital for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Union of Italy. 

The wide scope of her music interests and talent has brought her recognition in various fields of pianistic activity. Feric’s performances across Europe have established her as an excellent chamber musician and soloist, as well as an artist open to exploring the values of cinematic music and soundtracks. She has collaborated with numerous musicians and chamber ensembles all over the world, and has appeared on Croatian Television, Italian RAI, Portuguese RTP, and Mexican Aztec TV. She recorded for Croatian Radio and several Italian radio productions, and collaborated with the Lions Club in the realization of several beneficiary concerts.

Holding dozens of recitals and concerts organized in honor of the great Enrico Morricone, Feric became a renowned expert in a wide range of his works.

In 2017, Feric held a recital in Madeira, organized by the Madeira Conservatory of Music, performing her own piano arrangements of soundtracks by Morricone, Rota, Zimmer, Mancini, Tiersen, Piovani, Bacalov, Zigman, etc., for which she received numerous appraisals, and which later led her to perform various cinematic music programs all over Europe. 

Feric began her teaching career upon graduation in Croatia, and up until her transfer to Italy, she held the position of professor of piano at “Blagoje Bersa” in Zagreb. She attended masterclasses and seminars in piano pedagogy held by music pedagogy experts, such as Mariann Abraham (Hungary), Arbo Valdma (Lithuania/Germany), Marina Ambokadze (Georgia), and Konstantin Bogino (Russia/France). She continued her teaching career in Italy, and for several years, she collaborated with Italian Association “A. Toscanini” (Civitanova, Marche) as a piano teacher, and later continued teaching private lessons while dedicating herself to concert activities. In addition to a series of awards which she won for her educational work, Feric’s students continually won the highest international awards in piano performance.

In 2010, Feric obtained official status in Italy as the internationally renowned artist with the highest professional qualifications.

Feric is also known to the general public as the creator and coordinator of the educational project “English in Music,” included in the school curriculum in several European countries. 

This project was added to the list of the most important international projects dealing with music and language ( and her research texts have been cited in numerous undergraduate and doctoral theses all over the world. 

In addition to her musical studies, Nina Feric also studied art history, comparative literature, and foreign languages and literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb, thus developing a second career path as translator and interpreter, collaborating with European institutions, several universities and academic literary magazines, major streaming networks, and numerous translation agencies.

She started publishing her piano compositions on her YouTube channel ( in 2020. She also participated in several film music and film scoring competitions. She mainly composes for piano, but has also written pieces for chamber and symphonic orchestras. She is a member of SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) and HDS (Croatian Composers’ Society).

An article about Feric’s piano compositions has been published on the YouTube Selection page ( and it described her music in the following manner: 

“When you visit her channel, you will find vibrant piano tunes with extreme emotion; whether sadness or happiness, she has it all. The truth is that every single video on her channel is worth watching and listening to. She is a one-woman army… a songwriter, producer, composer, and pianist all at once. The purity I felt while listening to her music was insane, and it made my eyes teary. It almost hugs you and feels like a warm blanket on a cold, harsh night. It is so peaceful that you will forget all your stress for some time, and you will zone out to a wonderland that she has beautifully shown in the music video. It will make you release all the negativity in your head and start feeling good for real.”

PEOPLE, PLACES, MOMENTS is Feric’s first album as both a composer and performer, featuring her compositions for solo piano which she recorded on March 15, 2022 at the ClassicaViva Recording Studio in Dorno (Italy).


People, Places, Moments

Release Date: November 11, 2022
Catalog Number: BR8973
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
On PEOPLE, PLACES, MOMENTS, Nina Feric presents a wide selection of all original works, each deeply in tune with life and art, and enriched with personal anecdotes from her own life. Her first album as both a composer and performer, Feric’s compositions often alternate between lighter and darker moments, while the use of modulation and chromatics give the melodies a certain dose of playfulness. Thoughtfully composed and masterfully conveyed through a single piano, the main message behind Feric’s music speaks clearly and warmly throughout: a positive outlook on the future and the joy of living.

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