Kenneth Kuhn

photo: Kenneth Kuhn

Kenneth A. Kuhn (Ken) (B. 1954) is an electrical engineer specializing in electronic circuit design who had the privilege of growing up with a great appreciation of classical music. His favorite composers include Anton Bruckner and Gustav Mahler. Over the years classical music enhanced mental skills valuable for his engineering career.  Composing music and designing electronic circuits are very interrelated as each enhances the other.

He began composing music in his youth in the 1960s and taught himself how to compose by carefully listening to the many classical composers.  Ken composes because, “There is music I want to hear but since no one has written it then I must write it myself.”  His compositions are of the neo-romantic genre where the music conveys grand concepts that transcend spoken language through rich melody and texture. Ken is a member of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance and several of his works for piano and wind ensemble have been performed at local concerts.

His retirement plans are to complete many drafts of piano and orchestral works he has accumulated over a lifetime. Ken resides in Birmingham, Alabama and shares his house with a number of mischievous but lovable cats who otherwise would not have homes.


Piano Works

Piano Works of Kenneth A. Kuhn

Release Date: October 12, 2018
Catalog Number: BR8954
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Composer and pianist Kenneth Kuhn, after finding the music he wanted to hear did not exist, strove to bring his own musical visions to life. The result, PIANO WORKS OF KENNETH KUHN, is a cathartic journey through the memories and imagination of the composer. Romantic in quality, thematic, memorable, and deeply moving, Kuhn’s latest work leaves listeners feeling enriched and enchanted.

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