Circadian World Clock

The World in a Day: Field Recordings & Music Interpretations

David Haney


David Haney piano with EBows & mallets

Dave Storrs multiple instruments

Bernard Purdie drums

featuring The Circadian Consort


CIRCADIAN WORLD CLOCK from David Haney and Big Round Records is a captivating exploration of nature’s musical landscape. In this groundbreaking recording project, Haney challenges participants from around the world to submit 2-3 minute field recordings, each recorded at the specific hours of the day prescribed by the monastic Liturgy of the Hours. These field recordings from the United States, Russia, Brazil, and many other locales make a powerful statement about our interconnectedness as a species. The soundscapes are interpreted by Haney and his fellow musicians with piano, mallets, EBows, drums, percussion, didgeridoo, and an assortment of brass and reed instruments, offering performances the likes of which inspire reverent contemplation.



Release Date: July 9, 2021

Catalog #: BR8970

Format: Digital



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