Born in Fresno CA in 1955, David Haney grew up in Calgary, Canada. He studied composition for five years with Czech American composer Tomáš Svoboda. He has been a member of The Society of Oregon composers and his works have been performed in Europe, the United States, Canada, and South America. Since 1997, the following improvising artists have worked with Haney on his projects: Roswell Rudd, Julian Priester, John Tchicai, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Bud Shank, Wolter Wierbos, Han Bennink, Andrew Cyrille, Bernard Purdie, Marvin Bugalu Smith, Gerry Hemingway, Dylan van der Schyff, Buell Neidlinger, Dominic Duval, Adam Lane, Michael Bisio, Paul Blaney, Perry Robinson, and Johannes Bauer. As a leader, Haney has over 20 albums on CIMP (USA), Cadence (USA), SLAM (UK), NoSeSo (Argentina), La Gorda (Argentina), and Canada Jazz Studio (Canada).


“Haney’s jagged and contemplative clusters of notes, sometimes [create] a brooding, pensive

mood reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting and other times [set] forth a forward momentum

that reminds you that this music comes from that essential kernel of jazz creation: swing.”

— ICE Magazine


“Mr. Haney is a pianist drawn to experimental settings, and he creates a promising one here.”

— The New York Times


“One of the most inventive pianists in the USA...” — Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery


“a pianist whose accomplishments far outranks his public profile...” — Peter Monaghan, Earshot Jazz


“Pianist Haney has played inside and out, from Bud Shank to John Tchicai.” — The Village Voice


“At times, Haney’s dexterity can sound like piano for four hands, or more accurately music for piano and percussion, though never in overwhelming fashion.” — Laurence Donohue-Greene, All About Jazz Online



photo Ken Weiss

Bernard Purdie, percussionist. Photo R.I. Sutherland-Cohen

David Storrs, percussionist

(L to R) Melanie Dyer, Jason Kao Hwang, Adam Lane, David Haney, Tomas Ulrich. Photo Kyle Cassel

Julian Priester (left) Steve Swell (right). Photo David Haney

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