Chat Chill Highline

Chat Chill Highline

Christina Rusnak composer
Dave Richards arranger

Ben Burget saxophone
Alex Budman saxophone
Brian Clancy saxophone
Dan Kaneyuki saxophone
Ken Fisher saxophone
Anthony Bonsera trumpet
James Blackwell trumpet
Erick Jovel trumpet
Brian Swartz trumpet
Paul Young trombone
Nick DePinna trombone
Erm Navarro trombone
Steve Hughes trombone
Matt Hornbeck guitar
Max Haymer piano
Cooper Appelt bass
Jake Reed drums

Release Date: November 11, 2014
Catalog #: BR8937
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Big Band

On her debut Big Round Records release, CHAT CHILL HIGHLINE, composer Christina Rusnak presents works arranged for big band and large jazz ensemble, illustrating manners in which we interact with others and our environments such as conversing, observing, and absorbing. Composed during the rising popularity of internet chatrooms, Chat reflects on the energy and the sounds of movement, the multitude of voices, and the interweaving of conversations created in virtual and real social gatherings. Chill captures the cool ambience of a jazz lounge with an air of relaxation, mixed with lively sections of swinging rhythms and solos, while HighLine emphasizes the expansiveness which outdoor spaces can provide for reflection, contemplation, and wandering. In the hands of a controlled yet nimble large jazz ensemble, Rusnak’s works form their own atmospheres by threading intricate dialogues and phrases among the instruments.


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Artist Information

Christina Rusnak

Christina Rusnak


Christina Rusnak (b. 1959) is a multifaceted composer whose work reflects a diversity of styles. Actively seeking to integrate artistic and geographic elements into her work, her goal is to compose music that engages the performers as well as the audience.