The Larksong Trio
Folk | Classical Crossover

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Peggo Horstmann Hodes, soprano
Jennifer Yeaton-Parris, flute
Calvin Herst, piano

HOMEWARD BOUND, the new album from The Larksong Trio (Peggo Horstmann Hodes singing soprano, Jennifer Yeaton-Parris playing the flute, and Calvin Herst on the piano), is a heart-warming collection of art songs, love songs, and American and Celtic folk songs.

The title track sets a beautifully serene tone for the program order with a gentle background of piano and flute supporting the tender lyrics in Homeward Bound. "Old American Songs" (Simple Gifts, The Little Horses, I Bought Me a Cat) arranged by Aaron Copland; For Eternity, a love song by Richard Gardzina; In My Life, by the Beatles, all contribute to the gentle journey of the album. The listener is treated to familiar Celtic favorites, Scarborough Fair, Danny Boy and Greensleeves, among others. The album closes with a set of "New Old American Folk Songs," composed for the Larksong Trio by William Fletcher, including the bouncy and joyful Ezekiel Saw th'Wheel.

The Larksong Trio members are all classically trained, expressive, world-class musicians. Together, they enjoy an engaging irreverence and spiritual connection that tugs at your heart and brings you home.

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