The Oscuro Quintet

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Alban Bailly, guitar; Thomas Lee, piano; Shinjoo Cho, accordion
June Bender, violin; Ben Blazer, bass

Philadelphia's first tango music ensemble, The Oscuro Quintet, evokes the passion and the grace of tango from dance floors to concert halls with a mind toward both the music of the past and the vanguard of progression. As their first full release, this self-titled album provides a document of the Quintet's dedication to both well-established staples of tango and new, progressive forms of the genre, including pieces composed by members of the group.

Guitarist Alban Bailly, pianist Thomas Lee, accordionist Shinjoo Cho, violinist June Bender, and bassist Ben Blazer bring their varied backgrounds together to form a spectacular whole. The combination of their talents not only meets the expectations of passion and flair in tango, it also starts a new path for the genre's evolution.

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