La Mandragore

La Mandragore distinguishes itself in two ways: its energic and contagious dynamism and its approach to the music, equal parts musicological rigour and modern creativity. The group presents unique arrangements of ancient melodies and of world folk music on a panoply of heterogeneous instruments, from the crumhorn to the nay, from the ud to the bouzouki and the gaida, and a whole range of percussion instruments.

La Mandragore has produced 4 recordings: Miracle! (2001) and Gibraltar (2002) explore Christian Spain of the 13th and 14th centuries. Barbarossa (Fidelio, 2005) is dedicated to Frederick Barbarossa’s Germanic “Holy Roman Empire.” This recording was recognized two years in a row by the Son et Image Festival. Lastly, Convivencia (Fidelio, 2010) examines the peaceful cohabitation of 10th-century Andalusia, which allowed for Arabs, Jews, and Christians to live harmoniously side by side. This recording was nominated by ADISQ in 2011 in the “Best World Music Recording” category. The corresponding concert was chosen by the Conseil des arts de Montreal on Tour and received the OPUS “Concert of the Year, World Music” Prize by the Quebec Council for Music.

La Mandragore and its musicians play in Canada and Europe. They traveled to France in 2010 and 2012, and to Denmark in 2014, for various medieval festivals.




Release Date: June 9, 2015
Catalog Number: BR8939
21st Century
La Mandragore, a historical five-member ensemble from Québec, Canada, imagines the music of the Vikings had they had the time and leisure to notate it. Playing folk instruments from the Mediterranean and Scandinavian regions, and singing songs and tales in Swedish, Norwegian, Old Norse, and French, the ensemble presents an authentic and eclectic collection of Viking-inspired music on their debut Big Round Records release, MIDGARD.