The Circadian World Clock is a set of field recordings with musical interpretations. Each participant was asked to record at a specific time of day. The time designations are based on the monastic liturgy of the hours: PRIME, TERCE, SEXT, NONE, VESPERS, COMPLINE, VIGIL, MATINS. In January 2019 and on January 25, 2020, participants all over the world submitted 2-3 minute field recordings for this project. The end result was a recording that starts with the 6 A.M. submissions and proceeds throughout the day at intervals of 3 hours, ending at 3 A.M. on the next day. The next step involved creating a live soundtrack; musicians created a musical landscape based on the field recordings.


Circadian World Clock 2020

On what is normally one of the most travelled days of the year, there was a quiet like the calm before an impending storm. Segments shot worldwide on January 25, 2020 at hourly intervals from Tasmania, Australia; China; Thailand; Finland; Cape Verde, Africa; USA; Argentina; and Brazil.



Photo and Field Recording Credits

Recorded January 1-19, 2019


1.  6am East coast of Tasmania - Robyn Hitchcock

2.  6am Luang Prabang, Laos - EMILY HANEY

3.  9am Copenhagen, Denmark - YAEL ACHER

4. 9am Tel Aviv, Israel - YAEL ACHER

5.  9am Siem Reap, Cambodia - EMILY HANEY

6.  9am Seoul, South Korea - EMILY HANEY

7.  10am Seoul, South Korea - EMILY HANEY

8.  11am Hanoi, Vietnam - EMILY HANEY

9.  12pm Mount Angel, USA - DAVID HANEY

10.  3pm Hanoi, Vietnam - EMILY HANEY

11.  3pm Lahti, Finland - JUKKA LANKINEN

12.  6pm Siem Reap, Cambodia - EMILY HANEY

13.  6pm Saint Louis, Senegal - SALIHA HADJ-DJILANI

14.  9pm New York, USA - NORA MCCARTHY

15.  9pm Moscow, Russia - CHRISTINA From Moscow

16.  9pm Sao Paolo, Brazil - JOSE SIEIRO

17.  12am Mendoza, Argentina - JORGE HERNAEZ

18. 12am, Poschiavo, Switzerland - PATRIK LANDOLT

19.  3am, Portland, Oregon, USA - DAVID HANEY


Special thanks to Emily Haney for all her help and field recordings for this project.

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