Notes by Mika Stoltzman


This is my favorite track. Though the melody is simple, it turns into a grand piece. The Brazilian Bandolin genius, Hamilton de Holand, joins us on this piece. It is a dream come true.


Return to Bahia

My favorite composer, Bill Douglas, wrote this piece for me. The String Quartet joins us on this track.


50 Ways to leave your lover

This piece features Steve Gadd of course, but listeners will also enjoy solos by Hamilton, Richard, and Eddie.


Afro Blue

One of the great jazz arrangers, David Matthews made this piece for me. I’ve been working with Steve Gadd and Eddie Gomez for ten years now, and on hearing the mix for this track, I was filled with a great feeling of accomplishment. I was too happy to notice I was definitely swinging!



On Chick’s recommendation, Tim made us such a sophisticated arrangement for marimba, clarinet, bass, drums, percussion, and string quartet.


DJ Dog DemoKracy

The great marimba player and composer Julie Spencer wrote this piece for SHIKI Duo. I have arranged this as a funky piece featuring Duke and Steve Gadd.


Rhapsody In Blue

Japanese great pianist and composer Mr. Maruyama did the arrangement for this music. He came over from Japan to join us on piano.


Letter from home

This was a marimba-clarinet Duo for Metheny’s masterpiece, featuring Richard.



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