The More You Know

“The More You Know” grew out of the desire to compose, arrange, perform, and record original and non-original compositions of different genres in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, for solo piano.


Bring ‘Em Back!

I have been working on a big band musical for many years.

It’s called “Bring ‘Em Back!”. Several of the original songs on The More You Know  are from “Bring ‘Em Back!”


The story revolves around three major ideas:

1) It’s about time big bands came back

2) The awareness of life

3) Time travel


“Bring ‘Em Back!” It is the story of a big band leader’s dream to see the return of big bands. He meets an astrophysicist who has discovered the secret to time travel and takes a trip back to 1939 to experience the big band era. When he returns to the future he realizes his dream has come true. Big bands have come back playing a new kind of popular music - one which combines the big band sound with contemporary technologies, sounds, and rhythms.


During the big band era swing music was king. Big bands thrived, and jived, playing this spirited, dynamic form of pop music. The term “big band” was iconic. Although their mass popularity declined after the late 1940’s, big bands have endured, adding numerous other musical styles to their sonic palette, including, and especially, jazz - with its endless stylistic possibilities.


Although trumpets, trombones and saxophones are present in some of today’s pop music, big bands have yet to regain the popularity they once had. But they could.


You name it, big bands have played it.


What is needed is to rekindle and revitalize the general public’s excitement over big bands. A in my opinion, successful big band musical could aid in this goal.


I have worked with several librettists over the years but I am still looking for the “right” story to complete my musical.


It really is about time big bands came back. Let’s “Bring ‘Em Back!”.


-Ron Paley




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